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Punch M Strawberry

About Punch-M

The founder worked as a nurse for over 20 years in the health service before discovering a recipe for rum punch. After three years of development, she founded Punch-M as a way of selling authentic, original, and organic Caribbean rum punch to customers throughout the UK.

Punch-M prides itself on providing customers with premium, authentic Caribbean rum punch, produced sustainably and with organic ingredients. We currently offer 3 flavours of rum punch: Strawberry, Black Grape, and Pineapple.

Our Product Range

Punch M Strawberry
Punch-M Strawberry

Strawberry flavoured rum punch cocktail. A light and fruity cocktail that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of summer.

Pack of 4 – £12.00

Black Grape
Punch-M Black Grape

Black grape flavoured rum punch cocktail. Dark and sweet, black grape makes for an excellent rum cocktail pairing.

Pack of 4 – £12.00

Punch M Pineapple
Punch-M Pineapple

Pineapple flavoured rum punch cocktail. The classic taste of the Caribbean, pineapple juice makes for a sweet and tangy cocktail.

Pack of 4 – £12.00


What Is Caribbean Rum Punch?

Caribbean rum punch is a fruity alcoholic cocktail, made with a mixture of authentic Caribbean rum and a variety of fruit juices and syrups. Often a combination of sweet and sour flavourings, these cocktails are perfect for hot summer days, festivals, and celebrations.

Caribbean rum punch is an alcoholic cocktail. You must be 18 or older in order to purchase from us.
Punch M Black Grape

Punch-M Cocktails

While many rum punch cocktails are sold in plastic or glass bottles, Punch-M is unique in selling our Caribbean rum punch cocktails in sustainably sourced printed metal cans.

Slim, sleek, and contemporary, these 330ml cans are the perfect size to hold and carry around, allowing you to enjoy your cocktail anytime anywhere.

Containing 8% ABV, all of our rum punch products are manufactured in the UK and with packaging that off-sets our carbon emissions. Rum is best enjoyed in a party atmosphere, and these easy to carry cans make it easy to enjoy the taste of the Caribbean without worrying about spillages or making cocktails from scratch.

Rum Punch Available Throughout The UK