About Punch-M

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Authentic Caribbean Rum Punch

Punch-M prides itself on producing authentic, thirst quenching Caribbean rum punch perfect for any celebration. Our fruit flavoured rum punch cocktails are sold in 330ml cans, making them perfect to carry and enjoy wherever and whenever you want.

The Origins of Rum

While early rum is thought to originate in the Middle East and Asia, modern rum was discovered in the Caribbean back in the 17th century. Slaves working in sugar plantations in the Caribbean discovered that the molasses and sugarcane juice produced during the refining process could be fermented into an alcoholic drink. Originally becoming popular with sailors, rum is now drunk all over the world and a major export of the Caribbean but has remained an important part of Caribbean culture.

Rum punch is now considered to be the national cocktail of Barbados and is regularly drunk at parties and festivals throughout the West Indies. Rum is regularly enjoyed at many different celebrations, including parties, carnivals, and festivals. Caribbean and Jamaican families often drink rum at funerals, pouring rum onto the lid of the grave as part of old cultural tradition, seen as a way of aiding their loved ones into the afterlife.

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Our Founder’s Story

Our founder Mabel Mundicha-Katerere worked as a registered nurse for over 20 years before discovering a recipe for Caribbean rum punch. Over the next three years, she worked to develop the recipe into a variety of different flavours that could be enjoyed at various celebrations.

She founded Punch-M as a way of selling authentic Caribbean rum punch to an international customer base. As rum punch is popular at both family and social events, especially with party lovers, she wanted to make rum punch affordable and easy to access for any occasion.

Manufactured in London, we are currently the only company producing rum punch in metal cans, with the majority selling their drinks in plastic or glass bottles. Our cocktails are currently available in four packs of 330ml cans, making them easy to transport and drink on the go. Rum Punch M is made with original Jamaican Rum recipes for you and your love ones to enjoy.

Rum Punch Available Throughout The UK