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Punch M Strawberry

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Punch-M currently offers three distinct rum punch flavours, all based around a specific taste of fruit juice. Best served chilled, our rum punch comes in 330ml aluminium metal cans, making them easy to hold and carry around with you for drinking on the go and during social events.

The Caribbean is known for its extravagant and colourful festivals the world over, especially during the summer months. Rum punch is an incredibly popular drink during these festivals, as well as parties, birthdays, and even funerals.

Best served chilled, these pre-made fruit and rum cocktails can be poured into a glass or enjoyed straight from the can!

Punch M Strawberry
Punch-M Strawberry

Punch-M’s strawberry flavoured rum punch. Captivating, sweet strawberry juiciness flowing through premium Caribbean rum, bringing a new vibrancy to a classic Caribbean rum punch. Punch M Strawberry brings the taste of summer fruit and allows you to enjoy it throughout the year.

Pack of 4 – £12.00

Black Grape
Punch-M Black Grape

Punch-M’s black grape flavoured rum punch. Sumptuously sweet, black grape juice is combined with superior Caribbean rum to create an intensely moreish take on a traditional Caribbean rum punch. With a delicious deep reddish purple colour, black grape juice gives the rum a refreshingly fruity taste.

Pack of 4 – £12.00

Punch M Pineapple
Punch-M Pineapple

Pineapple juice has a unique taste that makes it a wonderful mix with many drinks. Combined with Punch-M’s smooth, premium rum, it gives a refreshing tropical tang. Pineapples are often associated with the Caribbean, and our pineapple rum punch will give you the authentic taste of the West Indies.

Pack of 4 – £12.00


Frequently Asked Questions

What is in Rum Punch?

Rum punch is a mixed cocktail containing authentic Caribbean rum and a variety of different fruit juices and syrups. As rum is made from fermented sugarcane juice or molasses, rum is quite sweet, and the combination of different juices creates a light and fruity taste. The ingredients of each rum punch depends on its flavour, including strawberry, black grape, and pineapple.

Where is Punch-M Made?

All the punch we sell at Punch-M is made in London, in the United Kingdom. All of our rum punch products come in recyclable, renewable aluminium metal cans that offset our carbon emissions.

Where Can I Drink Rum Punch?

Rum punch can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere but is especially good among friends. Our pre-mixed, lightweight cans are easy to transport and to drink while on the go, without having to worry about making it from scratch!

Rum Punch Available Throughout The UK